The Durham Tab

The Tab Durham

As News Editor of Durham’s online student publication from 2012-2014 I wrote over 100 articles, the most written by any Tab writer nationally.

Below are some selected news articles I wrote during that time:

Student Cribs Muck Up

10th November 2013


“It’s been a comedy of errors from the beginning”: Students forced to spend the first 5 WEEKS of term in the Premier Inn after finding their houses were still under construction.

Colleges boycott Team Durham fees

4th Feburary 2014


“We’re angry because there was a lack of information, and a lack of warning”: colleges refuse to pay Team Durham fees after subs double from last year.

Body formally identified as Sope

17th December 2013


Tributes have been paid after a body found in the River Wear last week has been formally identified as that of missing student Sope Peters.

Is Britain’s third oldest uni to scrap Oxbridge-style colleges?

19th February 2014


“We’re Doxbridge not Dork!”: Durham college system set to weaken as Vice Chancellor proposes Phase 1 of his plans to lower costs.

Students rescued from “reckless” cathedral roof climb

9th November 2013


A helicopter and two police fire crews were called out last Friday night to rescue four drunk Durham students who were found climbing on the roof of the Dean’s house, part of the cathedral.

Rotten day for the library

14th May 2013


Library evacuated due to sewer leakage that smelt like ‘fish and piss’, on the same day that they featured on BBC 6pm News headline for spending £1.4m on art in the new wing. Not the best day for the Bill Bryson…

Fresher wins £21,000 car on Saturday Night Takeaway

16th April 2013


Aidan’s fresher Charlie Greenwood starred on Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway, winning himself 20 great prizes including a £21,000 Volvo C30 and two holidays!

Klute smashed up

4th February 2013


Klute manager “appalled” after mirrors smashed, lights punched and drinks stolen in estimated £20,000 worth of annual damage.

Boxers dealt knockout blow

16th January 2013


Boxers bar closed as police reveal coke snorting, bottle throwing and girls locked in the loos

Will Durham have Britain’s first gay bishop?

9th January 2013


Should sexuality be an issue in the church? Have your say.

The ‘Durham Student Nights’ Sham

26th November 2012


Are you friends with ‘Durham Student-Nights’ on Facebook? If so, DELETE THEM NOW!

Castle master defends ousted BBC boss

13th November 2012

Master of University College, David Held, has defended George Entwistle, recently resigned Director-General of the BBC and former Castleman, saying, “He will be a real loss to the BBC”.

Confessions of a dartboard bandit

4th November 2012


Students have kicked off after a mystery thief has anonymously admitted to stealing and then returning the Undie’s dartboard, damaged.

Floody Hell

27th September 2012


Students report cars underwater and eels in boathouses amid huge flooding…but is Klute safe?

Caste student wins Come Dine With Me

26th September 2012


Donal the ‘Doughnut’ wins Come Dine With Me in Exam Week


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